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Working Papers in MCGC Lecture Series


Beginning in January 2023, AUP's Center for Media, Communication & Global Change started hosting a Working Paper Series in MCGC, which features international and local research in progress around the Center's themes. Most papers will be made available to the public.


Degenerations of Democracy: Commentaries and Responses by the Authors, January 2023

Ilaria Cozzaglio (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) on Conflict, Populism and Democracy

Julian Culp (American University of Paris) on Inequality and Democratic Processes

Stephen Sawyer (American University of Paris) on Modern Democracies Through a Historical Prism

Jayson Harsin (American University of Paris) Political Communication and Elite Fear at Historical Center of Liberal Democracy

Responses by Craig Calhoun, Charles Taylor, and Dilip Gaonkar


Recent Research in Feminist Media Studies, April 2023

Andrea Press (University of Virginia) Media Ready Feminism, Audiences, and House of the Dragon

Josiane Jouet (Professor emeritus, Université de Paris, Panthéon) Digital Tools and Feminist Activism


Imaginaries of Contemporary Conflicts: Engaging with the War in Ukraine on TikTok, May 2023 

Noémie Oxley (AUP) and Fatima Aziz (AUP)