Albert Cath


  • Department: International Business Administration
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    International Management
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    By appointment on Tuesdays

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Albert Cath is a lecturer of International Business Administration (IBA), and has taught courses in management and organizational behavior, international business, leadership, and international sustainability management. Before arriving at The American University of Paris, he worked in the fields of traffic and transport, water management, climate and sustainability, healthcare, the cultural sector, and knowledge-based institutes. His research involves the understanding of complex thinking and coping with complex issues.

Albert studied medicine (Bachelor) at the University of Amsterdam, and organizational studies (Master of Science) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a researcher (social complexity theory) at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (Netherlands), where he will soon receive his PhD. He also teaches at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, and has designed and delivered workshops for both the public and private sector.


Albert has co-authored several books:

  • Post Formalism, Pedagogy Lives: As inspired by Joe L. Kincheloe, edited by Jansen, H. & Letiche, H.(2017).
  • De Rafels van Participatie in de Gezondheidszorg / The loose ends of participation in Health Care (2013).
  • The Narrative of Morrapark; made-to-measure or ready-to wear municipal water management? (2015). 
  • ‘prong in het Diepe/ a Leap in the Deep End; the interest of tacit knowledge in water management (2011).
  • ‘ombineer wat je hebt; Duurzaamheid door het verbinden van maatschappelijke functies (2010).
  • Integral Change Management’(1992).
  • The Matrix, an interdisciplinary quest for integral action perspectives’ (2010).