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Professor, Dean of Educational Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

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Professor Piani studied oceanography and atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, funded by a comprehensive four-year Fulbright scholarship. He obtained his PhD in 2000 with a thesis on 3D modelling of atmospheric waves triggered by very intense thunderstorms. He went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher on ozone, mid-atmospheric dynamics and climate change at the University of Oxford in the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics department. In 2006 he moved to The International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, where he was awarded funds from the European Union for research in hydrological modelling. Piani remained at ICTP as a visiting scientist until joining The American University of Paris in 2012. His current research interests are bias-correction of climate model output, and climate driven evolution.


  • PhD, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA
  • Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome Italy


Upcoming book chapter: Book title “Climate Extremes and their implications for impact modelling in different sectors” published by Elsevier. The book is supposed to describe challenges and opportunities for addressing the impacts of climate extremes across various sectors, particularly in impact modelling studies. Further, the book will also provide an overview and link between model-based and observations-based analysis.


Peer reviewed publications since 2010      
  • Akumaga U., A. Tarhule, B. Traore, A. Yusuf, and C. Piani: Utilizing Process-based Modelling to Assess the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields and Adaptation Options in the Niger River Basin, West Africa., Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Submitted 2017.
  • Montroull, N., C. Piani, R. Saurral; Applying a 2D bias correction method to gridded simulations of precipitation and temperature over southeastern South America. Geoph. Res. Lett. submitted, 2015.
  • Haerter, J.O., B. Eggert, C. Moseley, C. Piani and P. Berg. Statistical precipitation bias correction of gridded model data using point measurements. GRL, submitted 2015.
  • Rauscher, S. A, C. Piani, T. A. O'Brien, E. Coppola, F. Giorgi, W. D. Collins; A Multi-model Inter-comparison of Resolution Effects on Precipitation: Simulations and Theory. Submitted to Clim. Dyn. 2014.
  • Sultan B.a, K. Guan, D. Lobell, M. Biasutti , C. Piani , M. Kouressy, G. L. Hammer, and G. McLean: Robust future dipolar changes of rainfall pattern in West Africa and its impact on sorghum yield., Submitted to Environmental Research Letters, 2014.
  • Planton, S., P. Lionello, V. Artale, R. Aznarr, J. Colin, L. Congedi, S. Gualdi, C. Piani, P. Ruti, S. Somot: The climate of the Mediterranean Region in Future climate Projections. Chapter 8 of: The Climate of the Mediterranean Region. Elsevier, London ,ISBN: 978-0-12-398466-1, 2013.
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  • Piani, C.; Haerter, J. O.; Coppola, E. 2010. Statistical bias correction for daily precipitation in regional climate models over Europe. Theor. and Appl. Clim., vol. 99, num. 1-2.2010.
  • Haerter, J. O., S. Hagemann, C. Moseley, and C. Piani. Climate model bias correction and the role of timescales. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 7, 7863–7898, 2010.
  • Rauscher S. A., E. Coppola, C. Piani and F. Giorgi, Resolution effects on regional climate model simulations of seasonal precipitation over Europe. Clim. Dynam. Vol. 35, Number 4, 685-711, 2010.
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  • Coppola, E., F. Giorgi, S. A. Rauscher, C. Piani, Model weighting based on mesoscale structures in precipitation and temperature in an ensemble of regional climate models. J. Clim. Res., Vol. 44, 121-134, 2010.

Conferences & Lectures

  • Extracting gridded probability density functions for precipitation intensity from point measurements J Haerter, B Eggert, C Moseley, C Piani, P Berg - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2016
  • A path to multivariate statistical bias correction (oral presentation). Berlin-Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies. 4-6 October, Berlin, Germany.
  • Conclusions from the IPCC WG1 Focus group on Bias correction (oral presentation). Berlin-Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies. 4-6 October, Berlin, Germany.
  • American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 13-19 Dec. 2014, Sanfrancisco, CA, USA, Title: “Applying 2D Bias Correction Method to Gridded Simulations of Precipitation and Temperature over Southeastern South America.”
  • American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 9-13 Dec. 2013, Sanfrancisco, CA, USA, Title: "GC33A-1080 Evaluating climate change impacts and adaptation options for agriculture in West Africa
    a multi-model comparison"
  • American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 3-7 Dec. 2012, Sanfrancisco, CA, USA, Title: "Two dimensional bias correction of temperature and precipitation copulas in climate models"
  • Second Workshop on Water Resources in Developing Countries: Planning and Management in a Climate Change Scenario, 6-17 May 2013, Trieste, Italy. Title 1: 'Statistical Bias Correction of hydrological forcing fields from GCMs: basic concepts.' Title 2: 'Statistical Bias Correction: operational challenges and common blunders.' 

Research Areas

  • Climate
  • Climate modeling
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Model output statistics

Curriculum Vitae