Julian Culp

Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator for Philosophy

  • Department: History and Politics
  • Graduate Program(s): International Affairs
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    Tuesdays 17h15-18h15 and by appointment

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Professor Culp joined The American University of Paris as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the fall of 2018. Before that, he was a fellow, lecturer and research associate in philosophy and political theory at the Goethe University of Frankfurt since 2008. He also held research and teaching positions at the University of Toronto in 2014-15 and the Catholic University of Louvain in 2017 and spent research stays at Princeton University in 2011 and at Duke University in 2008.

Culp's main research and teaching interests are in ethics as well as in social and political philosophy, and he is interested in both historical and systematic issues within these areas. While his initial philosophical education has been mainly analytic and has put considerable weight on formal logic and argumentation theory, he has also been influenced by the Critical Theory approach of the Frankfurt School later on. Thus, he engages in philosophical research and teaching in a way that is informed by history and the social sciences as well as pays special attention to argumentative clarity and conceptual precision.

Culp is the author of Global Justice and Development (Palgrave, 2014) and of Democratic Education in a Globalized World (Routledge, 2019), as well as of numerous articles in journals such as Philosophy Compass, The European Journal of Political Theory, Theory and Research in Education, Third World Quarterly and Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung. He served co-editor of the journal Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric from 2012 to 2021, and he will serve as co-editor of the book series Philosophy of Education – Debates and Constellations (mentis Verlag) from 2022 onwards.

At The American University of Paris, Culp coordinates the Philosophy Program, serves as a member of the Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum committee, and is a Fellow of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies.


  • Habilitation in Philosophy, Goethe University of Frankfurt (2018)
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, Goethe University of Frankfurt (2012)
  • M.A. in Political and Economic Philosophy, University of Bern (2008)
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Economics, University of Bayreuth (2006)




2019. Democratic Education in a Globalized World. A Normative Theory. London: Routledge.

Reviewed in:

  • Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung by Johannes Drerup
  • Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik by Krassimir Stojanov
  • Ethics and Global Politics by Martin Beckstein, Michael Festl and Michael Geiss (in a symposium)


2014. Global Justice and Development. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Reviewed in:


(Co-)Edited Books and Journal Special Issues (all with an editorial introduction)


Journal Articles


Articles in Edited Books


Handbook, Encyclopedia and Lexicon Articles
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Book Reviews




  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie
  • Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft
  • Human Development and Capability Association
  • The Global Justice Network
  • North American Association for Philosophy and Education

Research Areas

  • Ethics: Meta-ethics (action theory), normative ethics (discourse theory) and applied ethics (development ethics, educational ethics, global ethics)
  • Social and Political Philosophy: domestic and global theories of justice, development and progress; methodology; comparative political theory

Awards, Fellowships and Grants

  • 2020: Flagship Course Development Grant, Andrew Mellon Foundation
  • 2020: Course Release Grant, Civic Media Lab, The American University of Paris
  • 2019: Nomination of Habilitation thesis for the Werner-Pünder-Prize
  • 2019: Nomination of Habilitation thesis for Frankfurter Preis für philosophische Habilitationsarbeiten der Freunde und Förderer der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
  • 2019: Team Teaching Grant, Andrew Mellon Foundation
  • 2019: Course Development Grant, Andrew Mellon Foundation
  • 2019, 2020: Faculty Fellowship Award, Schaeffer Center for the Study of Violence, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention
  • 2018, 2019: Faculty Development Grant, The American University of Paris
  • 2017–2020: Journal Enhancement Grant, German Research Foundation (DFG), for the journal Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric
  • 2013–2016: Journal Enhancement Grant, German Research Foundation (DFG), for the journal Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric
  • 2008–2011: Doctoral scholarship, Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders, Goethe University of Frankfurt (resigned 02/2010)
  • 2006–2008: Scholarship for international MA students, University of Bern
  • 2005–2006: Student scholarship for undergraduate studies at the University of São Paulo, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • 2005–2008: Student scholarship, Cusanuswerk