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A New Yorker by birth, Professor Rosenstein also holds British and Lithuanian passports. He took his degrees on both sides of the Atlantic: Sorbonne (licence, maîtrise), Harvard (MA), Columbia (PhD). He has also taught on the East and West Coasts, in Greece, in Brazil, and at the Sorbonne. In earlier years he worked as escort interpreter for the U.S. Department of State. The French government recently named him Chevalier des arts et des lettres.

As a comparatist, his research focuses principally on the Romance languages. His publications attest wider interests, developed in the AUP classroom teaching all periods from antiquity to contemporary. He has published on the classical tradition, on medieval and Renaissance authors, but also on modern literatures, including English and American. He has written about gays, Jews, and Muslims in medieval literature; Arabic ties to Western texts; Russian and German models for Japanese fiction; foreign wars in American literature; medieval to modern women’s writing from the U.S., France, Brazil, and elsewhere. For more information, see the Comp Lit blog.


  • PhD (with Distinction) in Comparative Literature, Columbia University
  • Maîtrise-ès-Lettres (Mention Bien), University of Paris IV-Sorbonne
  • MA (Honors), Harvard University
  • BA (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), Columbia University
  • Licence-ès-Lettres (Mention Très Bien), University of Paris V-René Descartes
  • Certificates, Universities of Madrid, Florence, and Urbino


Journal articles, book chapters and other publications
Antiquity and the classical tradition               
  • "Plutus as Study Text in the French Renaissance," Humanismo y pervivencia del mundo clásico 4 (2003), 22-31.  
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Medieval France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal
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Renaissance France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal
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Modern and Contemporary Europe and Americas
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Translation and Translations
  • Translations, The Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 2006; The Norton Anthology of World Literature, 2002; The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces, 1999.
  • Translations, Distant Love, Paul Hillier and Andrew Laurence-King, Harmonia Mundi CD 907203, 2000.  
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Linguistics and Language 
  • “Occitan Language and Troubadour Song in Renaissance France," Etudes Peter T. Ricketts, Brepols, 2005, 645-55.
  • "Broadening the Perspectives of South African English and Afrikaans Research," Lexikos 3 (1993), 227-58. 
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  • "Mouvance and the Editor as Scribe: Trascrittore traditore?" Romanic Review 80 (1989), 157-71.
  • "Jean Nicot's Thresor and Renaissance Multilingual Lexicography," Dictionaries 7 (1985), 32-56.   
Teaching Writing 
  • "To Write Well Means to Rewrite," Scissors and Tooth, Writing Beyond the Discipline, 2 (2008), 45-49.
  • "The Fine Points of Writing," Scissors and Tooth, The Culture of Writing, 1 (2005), 55-60.

Conferences & Lectures

Over fifty presentations on campuses from Turin to Toronto, in dozens of countries from Australia to Zimbabwe.


  • Member, Décorés des Arts et des Lettres (Chevalier, 2012)
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, Pi Delta Phi 
  • Member, Laboratoire d’Edition de Textes Médiévaux, Equipe de recherche E.A. 2554, CNRS, Paris
  • Member, University of Versailles interdisciplinary research center on the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Member, editorial boards of  La France latine and  Ilha do desterro
  • Member, coordinating board of the American Studies Center, Siauliai University, Lithuania
  • Past Fellow, Whiting, Mellon, and Camargo Foundations 
  • Recipient, NEH, ACLS, CCHA, ENS, USC, SUNY, NYU, UCLA, Fordham, and Fulbright grants
  • Recipient, French government grant 
  • Recipient, Justin O'Brien Memorial Award
  • Recipient, The American University of Paris Distinguished Teaching Award