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Stéphane Malo studied economics and sociology in Montréal, Canada (BA and MSc) before embarking on a MA in Innovation Management and a PhD in economics of innovation at The United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology UNU-MERIT) in the Netherlands. He held post-doc positions at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, and the  European University Institute, Florence, Italy. Malo received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Jean Monnet Award from the Canadian Government and the European Commission, respectively. He joined American University of Paris in 2014 after working at ESCEM, Grenoble Ecole de Management (FR) and Copenhagen Business School (DK). He has published in journals such as Research Policy and Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. Most of his research has been, and continue to be concerned with firm performance, technology life cycle and university and industry relations.




  •       Ph.D. in Economics of Innovation The United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) /Maastricht University 



It is with great pleasure that a paper entitled Alliances and the innovation performance of corporate and public research spin-off firms, which I co-wrote with John Hagedoorn and Boris Lokshin from Maastricht University, has been awarded awarded the Best Paper Award for 2016 by the British Academy of Management.

I was recreantly awarded the Best Paper Award for 2016 from the British Academy of Management. For more information on the award and my paper, please visit the following link.


  • Hagedoorn, J., Lokshin, B. & Malo, S. (2018) Alliances and the innovation performance of corporate and public research spin-off firms, Small Business Economics, Springer, vol. 50(4), pages 763-781, April.
  • Malo, S. (2009) The contributions of (not so) public researchto commercial innovations in the field of combinatorial chemistry, Research Policy, Vol. 38, pp. 957–970.
  • Malo, S., Norus, J. (2009) Growth dynamics of biotechnology firms in transition economies. Evidence from Poland and the Baltic countries, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Vol. 21, pp 481-502.
  • Malo, S., Geuna, A. (2000) Science-technology linkages in an emerging research platform: the case of combinatorial chemistry and biology, Scientometrics, Vol. 47, pp. 303-321.



Conferences & Lectures

  • Malo, S. (May 2010) Technological evolution and industrial dynamics in the combinatorial product and service industry, BIT's 1st Annual International Conference of Medichem-2010, American Chemical Society-Medichem Division, Beijing (China)
  • Malo, S. (July 2009) Internal and external learning – a strategy beyond survival, 3rd international DILab conference, Imperial College, London (United Kingdom)

  • Malo. S. (November 2004) Tapping into (not so) public research in combinatorial drug discovery, European Forum 2004-05, European University Institute, Florence (Italy)

  • Malo, S. (March 2003) Coping with a competence-enhancing discontinuity, Innovation, Growth and Market Structure Conference, Regent’s College, London (United Kingdom)

  • Malo, S. (April 2003) Coping with a turbulent environment, The 3rd European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics,  University of Augsburg, Augsburg (Germany)