Waddick Doyle


  • Department: Communication, Media and Culture
  • Graduate Program(s): Global Communications
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    Tuesdays 17:00–19:00

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Waddick Doyle was born in Australia and studied communications at Griffith University in Australia, then the newest and perhaps most innovative university in the world and after working for the Aboriginal health program and setting up a multi-lingual radio station went to study semiotics and communications at the world's oldest and perhaps less innovative University, Università di Bologna. He loved them both. He returned to Australia and completed a doctorate at Griffith University and then after teaching in Australia came to Paris for post-doctoral studies at the EHESS. He taught at universities in Italy, France and Australia. In 1996 he started to work at AUP where he created both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in Global communications.


  • Laurea, Università di Bologna
  • BA, PhD, Griffith University, Brisbane


  • Winner takes All: Berlusconi, Television and Politics in Italy (Forthcoming)
Book Chapters
  • "French Television" and "Canal Plus" in ‘Contemporary World’ Television, Edited by Sinclair, John, University of California Press (and BFI) 2004
  • "Della naturalizazione alla sacralizzazione. storia dell approcci inglesi all’analisi della publicità" in Semprini, Andrea Lo Sguardo Semiotico Franco Angeli Milano 2003
  • "Towards a Poetics of Observation" in Lectures d’une oeuvre : The Remains of the Dayde Kazuo Ishiguro edited by François Gallix published by Editions du temps, Paris 1999
  • "Being an Other to Oneself: First Person Narration in Kasuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day in L'Altérité dans la littérature et la culture anglophone edited by Labbé, Evelyne; Presses de l'Université du Maine, Le Mans 1993
Referred journal articles
  • Southern Review: special edition on "Media and Belief" edited by Waddick Doyle and Mary Griffiths (Forthcoming: Spring 2006)
  • "The Money! Or The Box! Consumerism, Television and Americanisation in 1960’s Australia". In Cultures of the Commonwealth No.6 pp.21-35 Spring 2000
  • "The Space between Identity and Otherness" in Commonwealth No 4. pp.110-119 Spring 1997
  • Shabdabrahma: Infinity and Perfection in a Word in VS Versus, Journal of Semiotics special edition: The Quest for Perfect Languages edited by Roberto Pellerey and Umberto Eco. 1992
  • "Grim Reapings: an analysis of AIDS television advertising", in Eyeline, No.2., July 1988
  • "Why Dallas was able to conquer Italy", in Media Information Australia, No.41, February 1987

Research Areas

* Semiotics 

* Television and new media 

* Narrative analysis 

* Branding 

* Political economy of media 

* News flows, geopolitics of information 

* Visual theory of advertising and social media 

* Representations of Islam in the West 

* Comparative self-training, Psychoanalysis, Sufism, Yoga 

* Expertise in Italy, Morocco, France, Australia, & India

Curriculum Vitae