Major in Global Communications (BA)

The Major in Global Communications trains students in a liberal arts tradition to think critically and creatively about the contemporary communications environment which they experience as global citizens and possibly, soon, as practitioners of professional communication. It provides students with substantive knowledge based on current research, with practical skills and analytical ability to understand (and play an active role in) the complex dynamics of communication at global, local, and individual levels.

Graduates of this major understand the huge and rapid trends and rifts appearing in societies as media converge, new cultural forms, practices and spaces emerge, and belief structures shift.

Requirements for the Major in Global Communications

Please note that transfer students must take 24 credits in the major at AUP to receive their degree in Global Communications. They must also take 16 credits of CM-listed classes of a 3000 or above level (not including internship) at AUP.


General Education Requirements

Core courses (26 credits)

Media and culture electives (16 credits)

Students must select four courses from the following, at least two of which must be 3000 level or above.

Specializations (12 credits)

Students can choose to have a specialization. If they wish to have a specialization, they must do three courses in one of the areas listed below, at least two of which must be at 3000-level or above. If they choose not to have a specialization, they must choose three courses from any of the areas below or from media and culture (if not taken as an elective), at least two of which must be at 3000-level or above.

Select three* courses from any or all of the areas

Media Convergence:
Integrated Marketing Communications:

* If Journalism is chosen as the specialization the student must choose four courses (16 credits) under Journalism.

Plus general electives to total 128 credits


Honors Program

Students who have a GPA of 3.7 or above in communications courses during their Junior and Senior years and who complete a senior seminar or thesis are eligible for Departmental Honors. Interested students must contact the department head by fall for graduation the following spring.