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Creative Writing Institute

Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction and More

AUP’s Summer Creative Writing Institute offers you the opportunity to write and share poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, engage in the creative experience of translation under the guidance of a highly accomplished faculty, enjoy Paris life and culture, and steep yourself in the city’s great, literary legacy.

The Summer Creative Writing Institute was a wonderful experience that allowed me to grow creatively and further pursue my passion in writing. I would definitely recommend this program to those who want to challenge themselves and become better writers.

Rachel Nielsen Summer student

Throughout its history, Paris has inspired writers from across the globe, often providing refuge from the intolerance, censorship, or parochialism of their home countries. Amid social and political upheaval, Paris has constantly shone light on revolutionary approaches to literary form and subject matter and while towering figures of French literature, including Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac, made frequent use of Paris in their work, the artistic spirt of the city attracted writers from all over the world, including Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, and James Baldwin.

Along with workshops and modules that will help you read your work objectively, develop a critical vocabulary, and work intensively on issues of craft, you will attend readings and Q&A sessions with inspiring authors, discuss the creative process, take advantage of AUP’s learning and social spaces, and explore the richness of the surrounding 7th arrondissement neighborhood, where at the height of summer, you will see Paris at her best.