The counseling services at the Student Development Office are designed to offer a wide variety of support and guidance to students in and outside the classroom. The program was created to help students who are struggling with a variety of concerns, including, but not limited to: stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, alcohol and other drug use/abuse, self-esteem, family issues, body-image concerns, preoccupations with food, eating disorders, addictions, trauma, violence, and sexual identity issues.

In a safe and confidential environment, the student guidance counselor provides one-on-one support through drop-in or scheduled meetings on-campus; he/she can also help schedule appointments with one of our off-campus therapists, free of charge. We also collaborate with a large English-speaking network of medical and mental health care providers in Paris including counselors, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, most of whom are fully reimbursed by AUP's comprehensive health care plan.

The Student Guidance Counselor also coordinates accommodations for students with a learning or physical disability; students need to provide their medical documentation to the counselor within the first three weeks of a semester. The counselor will then confirm learning accommodation recommendations with our Academic Resource Center (ARC). The ARC will then manage all of your learning accommodation needs during your time at AUP.


On-campus counseling

Meetings with the Student Guidance Counselor, Pamela Montfort, can be requested in a private and confidential setting on-campus. Pamela is available from Monday to Friday by appointments in the morning or drop-in visits in the afternoon. You can book an appointment with Pamela Montfort using her online appointment tool.

On-campus counseling is designed to offer guidance towards finding the support needed to meet your academic and personal goals, as well as scheduling appointments for psychological support; it can include discussing what the resources are at AUP for counseling, talking through difficult academic matters, helping you getting organized, getting practical time management strategies, and discussing daily life issues that affect your time at AUP.

Here are some tools to help you get organized, and some time management strategies:


Off-campus counseling

AUP works in partnership with two off-campus therapists who have available time slots each week throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, and exclusively for our students.

  • Louis A. Monaco is a licensed clinical & forensic psychologist.
  • Anne-Marie Galliot is a licensed clinical psychologist trained in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Engagement Therapy.

Both off-campus counselors are psychotherapists with private practices independent from AUP, yet work in conjunction with the Student Development Office to help students struggling with a variety of concerns.

The off-campus counseling program is based on a brief therapy and assessment model during a first, 40-45 minute visit. By the end of the first or second session, a plan will be in place that may include scheduling a return visit, referral to another therapist, or, if necessary, to a psychiatrist, general practitioner, or other support services available in Paris.

Consultations are by appointment only, free of charge, and strictly confidential. In accordance with French law, confidentiality will only be broken if your life or someone else’s life is in danger. Drop by the Student Development Office to schedule an appointment through the student guidance counselor or contact our off-campus therapists directly. You ou do not need to share your reason(s) when scheduling an appointment, unless you choose to.

In the event of a referral, full AUP health insurance coverage includes 100% of reasonable and customary medical costs(doctors & psychiatrists) and up to 15 counseling sessions per semester.