The French government passed a new law on March 8, 2018 that will result in what it considers a simplification of French social security health coverage for 1.8 million students in France. Many of the details about how the law will be applied, however, have yet to be confirmed by the government. Information currently listed on this page will likely change once we know more in the months ahead. For more about the law, please read:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about the AUP health plan at



The American University of Paris offers its students a comprehensive health care plan that guarantees excellent medical coverage at an affordable price. It’s a requirement in France that all students have health insurance. Having the health care plan ensures that you don’t have to worry about your medical needs during your academic journey with AUP.

The American University of Paris has a contract with SMEREP (primary coverage by French student Social Security) and with AXA group (“Mutuelle”= complementary insurance) administered by MSH International to provide our students with full coverage. The plan consists of full medical coverage, counseling services, and emergency support. The AUP student health care plan is mandatory and available in several packages depending on your status. This page provides information on your specific plan.


Degree-seeking students 27 and under

The health care plan for degree-seeking students 27 and under includes French social security, complementary insurance and a Carte Vitale (health card). For more details on how to be reimbursed for your medical costs or to opt-out of this health care plan, visit the degree-seeking 27 and under health care plan page.


Degree-seeking students 28 years and older

Students on the health care plan for degree-seeking students who are 28 and older are required to follow a slightly different procedure. Students in this group will be registered with a private health insurance company MSH International that covers all basic medical costs as well as some alternative medicine.


Visiting students

One-semester and one-year visiting students will be registered with a private health insurance company that covers all basic medical costs as well as some alternative medicine.


Opting out

If you already have commensurate health insurance, you may be able to opt-out of AUP’s health care plan. Please see the details in the student status section that applies to you and have a look at the useful documents section. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to stop by the Student Development Office to speak with our health & wellness staff in person.