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Type of Visa Requested for Under-18 Students

A visa for Minors (“Visa pour Mineur Scolarisé”)

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Contact your AUP Admission Counselor when you receive your registration is effective/ you receive your acceptance pack/you plan to start the student visa application.

See the full list of Visas and learn more about each type.

Navigating all of the requirements of French immigration can be tricky. AUP’s Student Immigration Services exist to assist students with the immigration process and help make a potentially confusing process an orderly and painless one.

Necessary paperwork differs by student (see below). Be sure to look up what’s required of you from the moment you receive your acceptance letter and throughout your time at AUP.

Since some processes may take up to a few weeks (if the French Authorities’ Department which is on charge of processing the residency applications, is either understaffed or overworked-sometimes both- the residency renewal procedure can take a few months).

Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow the necessary steps at the earliest possible moment. You must take care of your immigration requirements in order to enroll and remain enrolled at AUP. Please be aware that it’s illegal to enter France under a tourist visa, or without a visa at all, with the intention of studying. Students living in France without the proper documents are subject to deportation.

Student Immigration Policy you are required to read.


Beginning the Immigration Process

Once admitted to The American University of Paris, an acceptance pack will be sent to you via mail. The pack contains specific information regarding visas and immigration application instructions. These instructions will guide you on how to obtain your special minors visa, called "visa D-mineur scolarisé" (with multiple entries), from your local French consulate.

If you turn 18 a few weeks after your intended arrival in France, the French Consulate may decide to issue you a long-term student visa instead.

Being issued a "Visa D-Mineur scolarisé" or a long-term student visa –for a minor- is a very serious matter which must be discussed between the student’s parents and the local French Consulate/ French Authorities abroad in charge of visa applications for minors.

Important: the minor student and their parents must make sure the minor is granted the correct visa before coming to France.

Contact us

We’re here to help you every step of the way, but it’s your legal responsibility to maintain your legal resident status in France. Any student who does not respect French immigration policy will not benefit from any assistance from the University and re-admission to the University will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The Student Immigration Services Office at AUP is available throughout your studies for assistance in working with the local authorities to fulfill your visa requirements as well as with the renewal process. The Immigration Office keeps records of residency cards, passports, visas, and birth certificates. Please contact us to make sure your records are updated, or if you have any questions or concerns.