Quai Building

Quai d'Orsay

Bringing Down the House: Demolition Continues on the Quai d'Orsay

Our new Quai d'Orsay building is actually several buildings. Or rather, it used to be, and will be again in the near future!

The main building, with its ten floors (nine above ground and one below), towers over the river, affording spectacular views of the right bank.

Behind it, until recently there was a mess of smaller structures around a tiny courtyard, along with a little two-floor edifice leaning up against the back of our Combes building.

Now, there's just a gaping hole where those ancillary structures used to be. They've been completely demolished, and in their place we’re preparing to build two new buildings. The first will be a four-floor construction directly behind Combes, housing a large classroom as well as staff offices and certain student support services. But it won’t just be a grey concrete box: the whole front of this building will be adorned by a luxuriant vertical garden. And its roof will also be covered in plants!

In the central part of the plot, between the new rear building and existing main building, we will build a new basement – and above that, our signature Reading Room. With its wood bookcases, comfortable furniture and elegant glass roof looking up onto the green façade, this will be one of the most pleasant places on campus to study, read, work or simply take a quiet break between classes.