€18M to Create a Student Life and Learning Center and a Permanent Campus on the Seine

Over the past five years, AUP has embarked on an ambitious campus redevelopment plan that will ultimately reorient our campus by the Seine and re-purpose and renovate all of our campus real estate. In the course of this major project, all of our major buildings have been transformed.

First Combes was purchased and refurbished to become a thriving hub of student life, fostering co-curricular learning through student government, clubs, and voluntary activities. Then Grenelle was entirely redesigned and reopened as a new center for teaching and mentoring, with faculty and student lounges, exhibition space for student and faculty art, two sculpture gardens, and new departmental offices. We also renovated two rented classroom buildings in the Passage Landrieu, creating faculty offices in math, computer sciences and language and designating a space for student wellness. Finally, AUP’s administration was gathered together for the first time in our history at La Tour-Maubourg in an efficient and beautiful hôtel particulier where we now receive the public.

Just as the renovation of our Combes Student Life Center was nearing completion in 2015, we were offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by the French state to buy a substantial building nearby. Inspired by this defining chance to gather more than half of our campus in two connected buildings, the Board of Trustees gave its go-ahead to the plan. Our reserves and the sale of other property have enabled us to secure the down payment.

But it will take an additional €18M to complete the purchase and transform the acquisition into a modern student learning center at the heart of our urban campus. This combination will create a distinguished, integrated campus with eight new floors devoted to research, writing, teaching and learning. AUP will at last have a permanent and integrated home where cultures can convene and minds can meet. Take a look at a complete overview of our campus development since the renovation of the Combes building.