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The Registrar's Office is happy to help you plan how to complete the required steps to transfer out.

Most schools in the U.S. use the Common App for Transfer Students and if they don't use the Common App, they will probably have a similar process.

Here are the key parts of the process:


The Transfer College Report

  1. Fill out the online form at
  2. Fill out the exit survey at
  3. The Student Development Helpdesk will contact you to set up an appointment with the Dean of Student Development or the Vice President for Student Services if necessary.
  4. Start this process in a timely fashion as it might take a few days to be completed.

Keep in mind that transcripts do not need to accompany the College Report. It is fine for you to request transcripts separately on and have them sent separately from the college report.

You should meet your application deadline for your application, and you can and should try to send grades and transcripts separately to meet the deadline.


The Transfer Mid-Term Report

Students take this to their profs for their comments, and then send it off, following the instructions from the Common App. Neither the Registrar's Office nor Student Development help with this. Some schools do not require the mid-term report, so please make sure to check with each school.


Tell us when you know for sure!

When you know that you are leaving, please let us know at  and make sure to give notice to your landlord. Once you tell us, we will notify the following offices: Residential Life, Health, Student Accounting Services.


Things to do before you go

Before you leave AUP, do not forget to close your bank account and notify your insurance company, your phone and internet providers… If you need help with these formalities, contact the Student Development Helpdesk at

And if you have any questions about any of this, please ask the Registrar’s Office.


The Common Application

The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission online application that you may use to apply to transfer to other universities. For more about the common app and to get your application process started, as well as access essential forms like the college report, please see: