Ethics Committee and Institutional Review Board

The Ethics Committee is a standing committee of the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Faculty Senate, in consultation with the Provost, may invite three faculty members to serve.

The function of the Ethics Committee is to uphold the ethical principles which undergird liberal arts education and the American University of Paris. The committee responds to requests from the Provost to hear specific instances where those principles may have been breached and reports to the Executive Committee.

The Ethics Committee also assumes the role of Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review the ethical implications of research proposals, particularly in the fields of social sciences that involve human subjects. The Ethics Committee drafts and periodically reviews the policies and standards of the IRB. Other specific functions and responsibilities of the Ethics Committee may be jointly identified by the Executive Committee and the Provost when deemed necessary.

2017-2018 Members of the Ethics Committee and Institutional Review Board and their respective departments
Member Department
Waddick Doyle Senate Chair, Global Communications
Susan Perry Executive Chair, International Comparative Politics
Tanya Elder Global Communications
Stephen Sawyer History
Jula Wildberger Comparative Literature and English