The General Education Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and reports directly to Faculty Senate. The Committee’s role is to ensure coherence, and continuity in the general education curriculum, in accordance with the educational goals of the institution.

The General Education Committee, in consultation with the Provost, is responsible for developing, maintaining and assessing this part of the undergraduate curriculum.

  1. Development. The General Education Committee articulates the learning outcomes of the general education curriculum and encourages faculty, departments, programs and Academic Affairs to bring forth new proposals designed to strengthen general education at the University.
  2. Maintenance. The General Education Committee oversees the various structural elements and learning outcomes of the general education curriculum, in close cooperation with the Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. Assessment. The General Education Committee reviews and analyzes faculty and student feedback pertaining to general education curriculum and to its learning outcomes. It collaborates with departments and programs who contribute to the general education curriculum in order to review and assess the effectiveness of these offerings in the context of educational goals of the institution.

The General Education Committee also provides guidelines and standards for submission of new general education courses, proposals and programs. It cooperates with the office of the Registrar to establish guidelines for the attribution of general education designations of transfer credit, and advises the office of the Registrar on cases which are not covered by these guidelines. The General Education Committee cooperates with the Curriculum Committee to coordinate general education requirements with other program requirements.

The General Education Committee is composed of five voting members. Four voting members are elected; the Provost appoints one of the five voting members. All voting members serve once-renewable, staggered, two-year terms. The General Education Committee will also have 2 ex-officio members: the Provost of the University or his/her representative; the University Librarian or his/her representative.

2018-2019 Members of the General Education Committee and their respective departments
Member Department
Valerio Coladonoto Film Studies
Tanya Elder Global Communications
Michelle Kuo History
Jula Wildberger Comparative Literature and English
Ex-officio members  
Elizabeth Kinne Comparative Literature and English
Laurence Amoureux Library