Now that you have found a great internship, the next step is to register it with AUP. Follow these 3 steps and you will be ready to go!


Please Note:

An internship can start and end at any time of the semester; and internships are assigned to the academic semester in which the main part of the internship takes place. If the internship continues past a set deadline (after June 15th for Spring registrations, after August 30th for Summer registrations, after January 15th for Fall registrations), a free zero-credit internship extension will be registered in the following semester. An incomplete grade will show on the student’s transcript until all assignments have been submitted and graded after the internship ends. It is important to note that an incomplete internship grade will not prolong student status beyond the last semester of study. It takes an average on one to two weeks for an internship to be registered.


Submit the appropriate request:



Transfer the tuition fee to Student Accounting Services or pay in person. Please note the prices below are for the 2016/2017 academic year and are subject to change for the 2017/2018 academic year.


0-CR internship

BA 1-CR internship

BA 3 or 4-CR internship

MA 4 or 8-CR internship


886-euros per credit


Free if part of the full-time tuition in Fall or Spring

(credit limit is 18)

886-euros per credit


Free if part of the full-time tuition in Fall or Spring

(credit limit is 18)

806-euros per credit




Students whose internship tuition fee will be paid by a foreign government, an embassy, or a private organization must contact Student Accounting Services to request an invoice to be sent to the organization in question.

Students who are receiving US federal or private loans need to contact one of the Financial Aid Officers in the Admissions Office with a formal request to certify additional funds or to process a new loan application. Note that in order to be eligible for US federal loans, BA and MA students have to do their internship outside of the United States (new regulation by the U.S. Department of Education - valid as of 1 July 2011).


3. Be in touch with THE INTERNSHIP OFFICE

Approvals granted for your internship can be viewed in the document tracking section of your student portal profile. This approval process can take several days or up to several weeks if there are delays in the internship tuition-fee payment.

Students should stay in contact with the Internship Office throughout this process to ensure the needed paperwork is taken care of.