We believe that learning to use the English language powerfully and precisely within a world of so many languages and cultures will give you the tools to become a critical and creative thinker, able to analyze and interpret individual literary texts, while making enlightened connections with other works and disciplines. Each of our classes will help you develop an informed awareness of traditions and cultural, historical, and literary variations and progressions.

Simultaneously, intensive writing practice will guide you towards clear and elegant expression as you acquire professional writing skills within the cultural sphere. We champion intellectual ambition, creativity, and imagination. We encourage you to pay close attention to the written word when analyzing historical, social, philosophical, and psychological processes, so that you can explore the capacity of language to inform reflection on human values and societal differences and mobilize your creative imagination.



  • Alice Craven


  • Stacey d'ERASMO

    Senior Lecturer

  • Sian Dafydd

    Assistant Professor

  • Amanda Dennis

    Assistant Professor

  • William Dow


  • Mark Ennis


  • Oliver Feltham

    Professor, Program Coordinator for Philosophy

  • Geoffrey Gilbert

    Professor, Department Chair

  • Daniel Gunn

    Distinguished Professor

  • Adrian Harding

    Assistant Professor

  • Brenton Hobart

    Associate Professor

  • Cary Hollinshead-strick

    Associate Professor, Writing Program Administrator

  • Elizabeth Kinne

    Assistant Professor

  • Linda Martz

    Associate Professor, Director of Academic Advising

  • Daniel Medin

    Associate Professor

  • Robert Christopher Minhinnick

    Senior Lecturer

  • Ann Mott

    Assistant Professor, Director of the Writing Lab

  • Anne-Marie Picard


  • Rebekah Rast

    Professor, Director of Teaching, Learning and Faculty Development

  • Roy Rosenstein


  • Sneharika Roy

    Assistant Professor

  • Sei Shiomi

    Junior Lecturer

  • David Tresilian

    Assistant Professor

  • Jula Wildberger


  • Russell Williams

    Assistant Professor