MA in Global Communications

The Master of Arts in Global Communications (MAGC) is a 48-credit Coursework and Research Masters taken over the course of three semesters, followed by either your thesis or a 3-6 month internship.

Students graduate with a stellar profile: theoretical sophistication, skills-based mastery in key domains, and practical experience in global communications.


The digital, the global, the local

As a MAGC student, you’re encouraged to develop a layered understanding of:

  • today’s digital revolution
  • the economic transformations caused by brand globalization
  • the intercultural challenges associated with new media and globalization—and the development of appropriate responses by governments, corporations, and NGOs
  • the development of communications industries, including global advertising, social networking, search engines, and image management

You’ll study digital media development and globalization and become active world citizens in these processes. You’ll develop theoretical knowledge and critical research skills in media and communications, and receive practical hands-on training in areas including international advertising, branding, public relations, video production, and advocacy.

Courses are taught by academic researchers and top practitioners in their respective fields.


Challenging coursework, compelling experiences

The program provides students with theoretical core courses in global communications, global cultures, global media, rhetoric and globalization, as well as in new methodologies for emerging fields, branding, advertising, and cultural policy.

In addition to these core courses, students choose from a series of professional oriented, hands-on practical courses leading to an extended project, specialization through further course work, an internship, or a substantial master’s thesis leading to doctoral study.

The program requirements are as follows:

  • Four core courses (16 credits)
  • Six electives (24 credits)
  • Internship or thesis (8 credits)


Coursework and Research Masters

The MA in in Global Communications is a 48 credit Coursework and Research Masters that can be completed in one calendar year. Coursework and Research Masters at AUP open up international horizons and enable career-transition through an extensive range of classes blending theory and practice. You will develop precision in your problem-solving skills through challenging hands-on modules and choice of an internship or a personalized research project.