Design and Performance Workshop

Digital Ethnography & Participatory Politics Workshop

Digital Ethnography & Participatory Politics – Methodological Challenges & Opportunities for Publics and Ethnographers

With this workshop, you will explore a mix of methods to be used in a moving, digital field site when identifying, collecting, and analyzing ethnographic materials. You will also investigate ways in which researchers can critically engage with manifestations of culture, even as those manifestations become increasingly mediated across various media sources.

In the first portion of the workshop, Fatima Aziz (PhD candidate at École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales, Paris, whose research focuses on identity and sociality as co-constructed practices shaped by photographic production, sharing, and interpretation across social media) will introduce the challenges posed by conducting research across social media, which is used as a political platform by publics and as a moving digital field site for ethnographic inquiries. Her insights into the challenges of conducting a digital ethnographic inquiry across different social media will be inspired by the empirical examples she’s drawn from her research into the Twitter movements #tousvoilés and #hijabday.

In the second part of the workshop, you and your fellow participants will engage in a speculative research design discussion, be introduced to different available digital tools for conducting ethnographic inquiries, and explore your own research processes, while creating ethnographic inquiry scenarios.