Inaugural Seminar led by Athina Karatzogianni

University of Leicester Associate Professor and AUP Visiting Fellow, Athina Karatzogianni, will lead the inaugural seminar for the Civic Media Lab’s new research seminar series, Civic Media in Times of Incivility: Habits, Ethics, and the Attention Economy, with her lecture, Discourse, Affect, Civility and Power at the Digital Square.

Associate Professor Karatzogianni will discuss how the public sphere is transformed by digital, everyday network media, both descriptively and normatively, and how that digital public sphere shapes and is shaped by discourses, affect, and mobilizations, particularly in the thematic areas of crisis, migration, conflict, and culture. To that end, she will explore the following questions: How is the public sphere transformed by everyday digital networked media? What kinds of ethics and civility are involved in the construction of digital squares? Is there a new nomadic digital ethics and aesthetics of affective/discursive rhetoric or are hierarchies of race, gender, nationality, and class reproduced in isolated, polarized, online bubbles? She will observe how digital, everyday media is changing notions of civility, language, ideology, mediality, and communitization, as well as how different groups might be represented in digital spaces, and how emotions polarize publics. She will also delve into the more abstract challenge of human conduct, as today’s civil association takes place in digital networks built for enterprise association, which requires further consideration of how, in response, notions of civility are shifting.