Study Abroad

Study abroad during your time at AUP

Imagine living in a foreign city where every experience—even doing laundry or buying groceries—is new and fresh. Imagine going to school in that city—an engrossing conversation about art or history or politics leads to a local art gallery or historic street and then to a café for an evening of more conversation.

Now imagine having that experience not just in Paris, but in Budapest or Cape Town or New York or . . . anywhere. That’s what study abroad at AUP offers you—a chance to be constantly awakened to new ideas, new cultures, and new perspectives.


A semester abroad

AUP maintains special partnerships with top-tier universities around the world that allow you to spend a semester as a full-time student at another institution while earning credit toward your AUP degree. Current options include:

AUP also has special curricular exchange agreements with the member schools in the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU).

If you want to spend a semester or a year abroad at a partner institution, make sure to get in touch with the study abroad coordinator to plan your courses and credit transfers.


Special academic partnerships

AUP also has special academic partnerships with:


Contact the study abroad Coordinator for help choosing and preparing for your study abroad adventure.