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Given the fast-paced and rapidly evolving nature of global communications, there has never been a more exciting time to study this field. Our location in the heart of Paris, and in the center of Europe, places us at a unique crossroads that allows you to study global communications and media from a truly international perspective. AUP offers a range of courses including Global Fashion and Design and Rhetoric and Persuasion that allow you to explore your own field of interest. Our faculty of international experts focus on the practical application of concepts and theories, teaching you skills that will prove useful in a wide variety of careers. 



Money Talks: Money, Media and Communications

This course examines money as a form of mediated communication. The approach taken draws both on historical approaches to money that have explored its relationship to other media technologies and systems used to exchange value and information as well as contemporary discussions related to the digitization of currency. Alongside an examination of the technological and philosophical intersections between currency and other media systems, the course will also explore how the design of currency, and the visual representation of money in art, provide spaces in which identity and community can be both expressed and critiqued.

See CM 3091- 3WK1 - Money Talks: Money, Media and Communications


About the Professor

Mark Hayward is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at York University, Toronto, Canada. His teaching and research interests focus on economic discourses in popular culture, media history, the philosophy of technology and social theory. His published work includes his co-edited volume Cultural Studies and Finance Capitalism, London: Routledge (2012) as well as Communication and the Economy: Meaning, Value and Agency, New York City: Peter Lang (2013). In addition to his work on media & money, Mark studies the development of third-language media in Canada and the ways in which it made use of multiple forms of media to reach communities across Canada; and the history of mechanology, “the science of machines.”


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