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Given the fast-paced and rapidly evolving nature of global communications, there has never been a more exciting time to study this field. Our location in the heart of Paris, and in the center of Europe, places us at a unique crossroads that allows you to study global communications and media from a truly international perspective. AUP offers a range of courses including Global Fashion and Design and Rhetoric and Persuasion that allow you to explore your own field of interest. Our faculty of international experts focus on the practical application of concepts and theories, teaching you skills that will prove useful in a wide variety of careers. 




Be immersed in the city of Fès, the oldest historic city in Morocco. Your stay will coincide with the city’s annual festival of World Sacred Music, an event set up to highlight the universal nature of the sacred and music – and their role in communication. Staying with families, you will experience and observe the life of this city – and be drawn to think how an event like the festival reflects the multiple aspects of Fès. Urban culture and religious belief are approached from the point of view of the senses. This experiential side is complemented by an examination of textual understandings of the city’s major religion, Islam – how this is viewed both from within the tradition and through external media.  The course will be supplemented by a variety of workshops in which students will be introduced to traditional crafts ranging from calligraphy to cooking.

See CM 3091 - 3WK1 - Living Islam (Fes 2019): Sights, Sounds & Spaces, Textures & Taste



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  • CM 3052 - Rhetoric and Persuasion