European & International Relations Institute

As the home of international organizations and multinational bodies such as UNESCO and the OECD, Paris is a natural center for the study of European and international relations. Our courses range from human rights to comparative public policy focused on contemporary questions such as immigration and the international refugee crisis. Supporting our courses is a program of events and field trips that will enable you to come face-to-face with some of the most pressing international relations issues in Europe and the world. 



Trump and the New World (Dis)order

The course critically analyses many of Trump’s foreign and domestic policy flip-flops since he unexpectedly became the US president. The course seeks to explain what the Trump administration has been doing in terms of US relations with Russia, China, Europe, Japan, the two Koreas, the wider Middle East, as well as with respect to "America First" protectionism and domestic US politics.

 See PO 3091-3WK1 - Trump and the New World (Dis)order

French Overseas Empire 1670-1970: Conquest, Expansion, Decolonization

This lecture and discussion course will canvas the history of the French overseas empire from its beginnings under Louis XIV to the twentieth century. Through a rich variety of sources– novels, film poetry, historical documents, and memoirs–we will investigate topics that include the rise of the French slave trade; the Haitian Revolution; the conquest of Algeria; native troops and colonial conquest; imperialism, art, and the avant-garde; the rise of anti-colonial movements; and the globalization of anti-colonial war. The class will conclude by reflecting on the legacy of colonialism in contemporary France.

See HI 3039-3WK1 - French Overseas Empire 1670-1970: Conquest, Expansion, Decolonization


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3-week classes:

  • PO 3091-3WK1 – Trump and the New World (Dis)order
  • HI 3039-3WK1 – French Overseas Empire 1670-1970: Conquest, Expansion, Decolonization


6-week classes:

  • PO 2091 – The EU & its Discontents: Business, Environment, Rights