European & International Relations Institute

As the home of international organizations and multinational bodies such as UNESCO and the OECD, Paris is a natural center for the study of European and international relations. Our courses range from human rights to comparative public policy focused on contemporary questions such as immigration and the international refugee crisis. Supporting our courses is a program of events and field trips that will enable you to come face-to-face with some of the most pressing international relations issues in Europe and the world. 



Comparative Public Policy: Whither “Model Europe”

As in the US, European governance is modeled on capitalism, rights, and democracy. European nations and the European Union, however, approach these topics distinctly. An approach to Model Europe – in comparative perspective and centered around the case study of France – is the topic of this summer course. It explores contemporary challenges across three foundational policy fields: governance and citizenship; the environment; and business. Faculty experts and guest lecturers work closely with students to understand the contradictory mechanisms at work in these three policy spheres, querying which political strategies are best adapted for the successful future consolidation of Europe. The aim of the course is to provide students with a sophisticated understanding of European policy modeling and contemporary challenges to the European Union.

See PO/LW 2091 Comparative Public Policy: Whither “Model Europe”


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3-week classes:

  • PO 2091-3WK1 – Toward a New Cold War? The US, Europe & Russia*
  • PO 3091-3WK1 - Toward a New Cold War? The US, Europe & Russia*

​​​​​​​*  This is a dual-level class. Students enrolled in the higher level of the course will have to complete advanced work. Please consult the course syllabus and Professor Gardner for more details.

6-week classes:

  • GS 3024 – Politics of Human Rights
  • PO 2091 – Comparative Public Policy: Whither “Model Europe”
  • PO 3024 – Politics of Human Rights
  • EC 2020 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MA 1020 - Applied Statistics I
  • HI 3042 - Europe From 1914 to 1945