International Business Institute

Paris is a global business capital, home to thousands of international companies, start-ups and NGOs, making it a unique place to study a variety of business topics through an international lens. Whether you are interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, management or another aspect of the business world, our International Business Institute offers courses in a wide array of subjects. From the building blocks of statistics and macroeconomics, to project-based work in areas such as sustainable business and finance, AUP gives you the opportunity to study a topic that matches your interests while gaining an international edge. 



Economics, Trade, and the EU

It is both an exciting and anxious time in the history of the European Union. With the new reality of Brexit, the continuing challenge of immigration, and a steady rise of nationalism, there is a palpable and unrelenting sense of crisis that challenges the very existence of the EU. This course will focus on the EU’s history, institutional structures, and several policy areas in order to explore the positive and negative effects of this grand experiment at integration.

See EC 2091 - Economics, Trade, and the EU

How Digital Works: Behind the Scenes of the Software Economy

It's hard to think of an activity today that does not rely on some form of digital technology. However, how much do you know about this technology that surrounds us? Do you know how bits and bytes and turn into words, sounds, and images? Do you know how or where your computer finds Facebook or YouTube or Twitter? Do you know how and why your personal information is being collected and analyzed and why or why not that is important? You don't need to know how digital works to live in our technology-dependent world, but you do need to know how it works to take best advantage of the opportunities it provides and to be a mover in our future economy.

See CS1091 - How Digital Works: Behind the Scenes of the Software Economy


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6-week classes:

  • CS 1091 - How Digital Works: Behind the Scenes of the Software Economy
  • EC 2091 - Economics, Trade, and the EU
  • BA 2001 - Financial Accounting
  • BA 2002 - Managerial Accounting