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Paris is a global business capital, home to thousands of international companies, start-ups and NGOs, making it a unique place to study a variety of business topics through an international lens. Whether you are interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, management or another aspect of the business world, our International Business Institute offers courses in a wide array of subjects. From the building blocks of statistics and macroeconomics, to project-based work in areas such as sustainable business and finance, AUP gives you the opportunity to study a topic that matches your interests while gaining an international edge. 



Creativity and Innovation Management

Paris has been the self-proclaimed world fashion capital for more than three-hundred years. Fashion is essentially a phenomenon of the modern city and Paris constituted the perfect stage for its spectacle. This city has influenced the very notion of fashion itself, but also global aesthetic codes, and the way we consume and wear garments. Paris and its fashion myth have been instrumental in the development of a global fashion system. The relationship between this “fashion city” and its global context forms the subject of this course.

See BA 2050-3WK1 - Creativity and Innovation Management


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  • BA 2001 - Financial Accounting
  • BA 2002 - Managerial Accounting
  • EC 2020 - Principles of Macroeconomics