Creative Arts

There are the obvious benefits to studying art in Paris: the architecture, the sculptures and paintings that inspire awe, and the gardens that give a master class in symmetry and form. Paris, in the words of Jerry from An American in Paris, is “too real and too beautiful. It never lets you forget anything. It reaches in and opens you wide, and you stay that way.” It’s the kind of city that compels you to question all that you thought you knew before and is thus perfectly suited to pursuing art, no matter what the form.

While here, research Paris’s highly complex globalized fashion system; refine your writing skills; let the city teach you how to best utilize space, light, and volume in your paintings; resolve some of the challenges of literary and cultural translation. No matter which of our classes you take, you will find new and exciting ways to express yourself and to develop your craft.

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Courses available in the Creative Arts category

  • CL 3091 - Translation: A Creative Practice 
  • CL 3100 - The Poetic Experience: A Writing Workshop
  • CL 3200 - Writing Fiction 
  • CM 2091 - Paris & the Fashion System 
  • CM 4091 - Brand or Be Branded
  • EN 1010 - College Writing 
  • EN 2020 - Writing & Criticism 
  • EN 3091 - Translation: A Creative Practice 
  • EN 3100 - The Poetic Experience: A Writing Workshop 
  • EN 3200 - Writing Fiction 
  • EN 3300 - Creative Nonfiction: Crafting Personal Narratives 
  • FM 2091 - Topics: The Art of Editing, Lighting & Video Technique 
  • PL 3091 - Topics: Design Thinking Workshop 
  • AR 1090 - Painting Paris 


Do you have a particular interest in writing and sharing poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction? Then you might want to take a look at the Summer Creative Writing Institute that offers you exactly those opportunities but under the guidance of highly accomplished faculty.