AUP Global: Data Policy

AUP Global: Data Policy

Policy in effect from: 2017-12-03



This policy describes how we handle your personal information when you use the AUP Global alumni platform.

We know that you are trusting us to keep your data safe and secure and we will make every effort to respect that trust. We aim to be as transparent as possible about how your data is treated and about your rights of access and control.

If you would like more information about anything in this policy or about your data in general, please do contact the Alumni Affairs Office. Our details are here:


Who we are

AUP Global is provided by AUP (The American University of Paris). AUP is a non-profit educational institution incorporated in the State of Delaware and licensed by the Board of Education as a Delaware institution of higher education. The University is registered in the United States as a 501 (c) (3), a not-for-profit organization. AUP is declared to the Rectorat de Paris as an établissement privé d'enseignement supérieur libre whose undergraduate majors and Master’s programs are of higher education level (“les formations dispensées par l’établissement American University of Paris sont reconnues de niveau d’enseignement supérieur”).

The platform is managed at AUP by us, the Alumni Affairs Office within the Outreach and Advancement Department.


Personal Information that we handle

As part of your usage of the platform we may handle your personal information.

This information may have been provided as part of:

  • Your student application
  • Your student directory information
  • Your responses to surveys

We may also obtain information from external sources such as:

  • Publicly available information you have shared over social media
  • Publicly-available demographic, geographic, and behavioral information from research/analysis companies or government datasets.

Additional information we handle may include the following:

  • Biographical information such as name, birth date, gender
  • Contact information such as postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers
  • Biographical and contact information that you have provided about your family
  • Employment and/or internship information and contact details
  • Educational history that you have provided or from your AUP student record
  • Communication records and information about other interactions you have had with AUP
  • Financial information about donations and other financial transactions, such as event registrations


How we use personal information

In general, we use information that you provide on the platform for two reasons:

  • To enable platform functionality. As an example, the platform will ask for your address information to provide you with the ability to find other Alumni who are living in the same area as you.
  • To increase the relevance of any communications that we may send and services we provide to the community. For example, if you take part in an event, we may send you information about similar events.

As a non-profit organization, we aim to collect enough information to help us increase the cost-efficiency of tools such as this platform, AUP’s career, alumni and development activities, while also providing you with the ability to control how your information is used and to find out more about what we do with it.

Information from AUP Global may be combined or shared with information held by other departments at AUP, such as your student record.

If you have any questions about our usage of your information or about this policy, please contact the Alumni Affairs Office.


How we share personal information

AUP is based in Paris, France and adheres to French and EU data protection law.

AUP does not sell any of your data to any third-parties. However, information may be shared with third-parties for the sole purpose of helping AUP carry out its regular activities. As an example, your data is shared with the provider of this platform, KIT United SAS. Any such sharing is covered by contractual confidentiality and retention clauses or is otherwise covered by non-disclosure agreements.

Personal information is not shared with any organization in a country whose data protection framework is considered “inadequate” by the EC, and only with US organizations registered under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

For accreditation and benchmarking purposes, we provide anonymized, aggregated statistics to the institutions in the Higher Education sector, such as CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) and MSCHE (Middle States Commission on Higher Education). No personally-identifying information is provided.


How we secure your information

Any information we may hold on you will be stored on servers in line with our internal security policy. Those servers may be stored on AUP premises or externally hosted. Where your information is transmitted over the internet, it will be over an encrypted connection.

Online payment transactions are made over an encrypted connection and utilize data security standards set by the industry.


How you can access your information or control how we use it

If you wish, you may access any of the information that we hold on you by contacting the Alumni Affairs Team. Please be aware that AUP is a large organization and it may take some time to comply fully with your request.

You may opt-out of a particular type of communication, or a particular method of communication, or all communications, at any time by adjusting your communication preferences by contacting the alumni relations team directly; contact details here: Please note that this will not stop any administrative communications that you have asked us for, such as purchase confirmations or donation acknowledgements.

Please also note that if you opt-out of all communications, it will mean that we will not be able to send you alumni newsletters or any notifications, so it is possible you may miss out on information about upcoming events, for example.


How long we retain your information

When you leave AUP, you remain part of a global community of students, faculty and alumni that will always be there for you. As a former student or graduate, AUP has a legitimate interest in maintaining your basic academic record indefinitely. You can tell us that you no longer want us to contact you, process your information or keep record of enriched profile information at any time. We will need to maintain a record of that fact, but we will henceforth not use or retain any information that pertaining to your request.

Any changes made to this policy will be published on this page. The date which the policy is in effect from will be updated at the top of the policy page; we will aim to publish any changes at least 14 days before they are to take effect.