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Ceci n'est Pas Un Crime : Refugees in Greece

Kerstin Carlson (History and Politics): Ceci n'est pas un crime : Refugees in Greece 

Connected with Professor Kerstin Carlson’s research on issues of migration in Greece related to changing the narrative regarding refugee arrivals to Europe, this project organizes media activism/advocacy workshops bringing together AUP students with students living in migrant camps in Lesvos, Greece, run by Refocus Media Labs, a media education NGO based in Lesvos. Carlsen is simultaneously completing a book on the topic of migration and human rights, and working with students on a brief to the International Criminal Court. In collaboration with Greek partners (lawyers, activists, artists, citizen journalists, NGOs), the project imagines ways that law, art, and media advocacy/citizen journalism can be engaged to fight the human rights abuses that accompany irregular migration. Beyond the policy-related changes that law might be able to enact, the project also seeks to alter the narrative obtaining around migrants and migration, which can have important political ramifications as well.