Housing – Fall 2022

At this time, most of our residences have been fully booked through the assignment process. If you are an incoming student and have questions about finding housing in Paris, please reach out to our office at housingataup.edu.

Arriving in Paris can be both an exhilarating and intimidating experience. To guarantee that our incoming students have the best residential experience in Paris, we require all entering first-year students to choose an AUP housing option, whether it is in one of our own residences or through one of our selected housing partners. You can learn more about our residency requirement policy below.

The options we offer are all furnished and are located in safe neighborhoods within an easy commute to the University. All AUP housing options have been vetted and visited by members of our housing team, who have the comfort and safety of students as their main priorities.

Options cater to a variety of different needs and preferences. We offer two types of residences for incoming students: AUP Residences are managed by the university, house only AUP students, including 1or 2 RAs, and are mostly reserved for our year-long students. Partner Residences are Apartment-hotels and French Student Residences that our office has partnered with to offer quality housing to our students, and are open to all incoming students. Our housing offering includes single apartments or studios (AUP Musset, AUP Annonciation, AUP Heliopolis, Citadines, YouFirst, Appart'City, ResidHome, Nexity, Studelites), twin apartments (AUP Musset, Citadines, and ResidHome), or single and shared rooms in co-living apartments (AUP Champs Élysées). No two Parisians experience their city the same way, so we’ve made sure each of our different housing options highlights a unique aspect of life in this beautiful city.

We know that choosing your housing is one of the most important steps and can set the tone for the rest of your university experience. We invite you to browse all the options listed, paying attention to the amenities they offer and the communities they house. As you balance the pros and cons of each residence and determine the needs and expectations most important to you, remember our Housing and Residence Life Office is available to answer any questions (housingataup.edu).  

We also ask you to read over our housing policies, deadlines and payment processes before selecting your accommodation. We register our students on a first-come-first-served basis*, and while we do our best to honor students’ first preferences, it is important to start the process informed and aware of our policies and regulations. 

Happy browsing, we look forward to welcoming you in Paris soon.

*Some of our residences have different availabilities for semester- and year-long students – we take this into account in our first-come-first-served assignment process.

Residency Requirement

Incoming first-year undergraduate students, visiting and degree-seeking, are required to secure housing through AUP. Students wishing to apply for a housing exemption must do so by May 8th, or within five business days of confirming attendance, and must qualify based on the criteria listed in our Housing Exemption policy. Exemptions are granted on a yearly basis – students registered for AUP housing in the fall may not apply for Housing Exemptions for the spring semester.

Transfer students and non first-year visiting students (both Visiting Independent and Visiting Co-op) have the opportunity to arrange housing through AUP to facilitate their transition to the university and their new journey in Paris. Those who opt into AUP housing upon registration must register for the full academic year. Those who opt-out will be expected to secure housing on their own.

Coop and independent visiting students who have already had a college experience are not required to secure housing through AUP unless their home institution mandates it.

Due to our commitment to our partners, and in an effort to maintain a diversified housing offering to our incoming students, the housing office will not be coordinating housing switches from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023. Full-year residents would only be asked to move residences in the spring in case of unforeseen changes in our housing availability.

How to Register

To choose your housing, you will follow this simple process: 

  1. REVIEW OPTIONS: Make sure you have read through all the housing options listed in the navigation side bar. Take a moment to think about your needs, your budget and the type of community you would like to be a part of. Keep in mind that every single option has its pros and cons and make sure you choose the best option for you. Once you have a few preferences in mind, you can move on to the checklist.
  2. SELECT YOUR PREFERRED HOUSING OPTIONS: Navigate to your AUP Status Page and indicate your housing preference.  If you are being housed by the University you will then be able to complete the housing step and select up to five preferred housing options. Please note that only the housing options available to you (as a semester-long or year-long student) will be listed for you to select. The Housing Office will be assigning rooms on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that completing this step is not a confirmation of registration. The Housing Office will reach out to you within two to three business days to confirm your registration based on availability. 
  3. PAYMENT: After we have registered you in one of your selected housing options, we will send you an invoice and payment details. The first payment, due May 20, 2022, is non-refundable and serves to secure your housing reservation.
  4. CONFIRMATION: You will hear from AUP's Housing Office within two days of payment. If you are assigned to a shared accommodation option, you will be prompted to complete the roommate survey.

Housing Payment Policies

Once you have indicated your top five housing options in the Confirmation Checklist, our office will register you for one of your selections depending on availability. Once registered, you will receive confirmation and an invoice by email. Payment deadlines are as follows (please note that Spring 2023 payment deadlines and amounts will be communicated in October): 

·         May 20, 2022*: 20% of first-semester rent (non-refundable) 

·         June 20, 2022: 80% of first-semester rent plus a one-time Housing Fee of €150 (see refund policy) 

·         July 18, 2022: housing security deposit (see refund policy) 

*If you sign up after May 20, 2022, your first (non-refundable) payment will be due within a week after Housing has confirmed your reservation. Please keep in mind that the first payment cannot be covered by loans.

Students who intend to pay for the bulk of their housing costs with student loans will be given a grace period on the second payment, which can be paid after the start of the semester, as long as the Financial Aid Office is able to certify their loan application. The first payment, however, must be paid by May 20th. Please direct any questions to your Admissions Counselor or Financial Aid Officer. Please note that any student who has not completed their payments on time may lose their reservation and may be assigned to one of their other choices depending on availability.



Please read the following AUP Housing Refund Policy very carefully:

  • The first payment, due May 20, 2022, is non-refundable
  • The second payment*, due June 20, 2022, is partially refundable as follows:
    • 100% refundable until July 30, 2022
    • 50% as of August 1, 2022
    • NO RENT REFUND after August 27, 2022
  • The Security Deposit is 100% refundable (dependent on a successful move-out, with no damages to the student’s room or apartment, subject to inspection)
  • Early departures will not result in refunds (with the exception of the Security Deposit, subject to inspection)

* Students who intend to use US student loans to finance their second payment will have to follow a specific process detailed in the payment form


Housing Options Overview


Housing FAQ

This FAQ is evolving and we will add answers to the most frequently asked questions as they arise. Click on the question below to expand the option and see the answer. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ or if you have any concerns regarding Fall 2022 housing, you can contact us at housingataup.edu ().

Can my second choice be from the same location (e.g. both options in Musset Residence)?

Yes, you are able to choose different housing options within the same location for your first or second choice.  

If I don’t have a VISA yet, should I still secure housing?

We understand the difficulties of this situation. Given that our assignment is first-come-first-served, students who reserve late will have limited options, so we recommend you secure your housing as soon as possible. Please note, however, that the first payment is non-refundable.

Will the housing deposit be refunded if I cannot obtain a VISA to study in Paris or if I want to defer to a later date?

The first housing payment (20% of your semester rent) is non-refundable. The second housing payment (80% of your semester rent) is refundable (see refund policy), and the security deposit is 100% refundable.

If I cannot secure my housing option at this time, will AUP help me find housing later?

While we recommend that you secure your housing as soon as possible, the Housing Office can still secure AUP-approved housing options, as available, at a later date. Please note that AUP-approved housing is allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Do all accommodations have proper beds or will I have to sleep on a pull-out couch?

All AUP-approved housing options have proper beds – some of our twin options will have bunk beds.

Can I use student loans to cover housing fees? If I am using student loans to cover all of my housing fees, what do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, you can use your loans to cover housing fees, but in order to do this we must have confirmation from AUP’s Financial Aid Office that your loans are complete and will cover tuition and living expenses. Contact your Admissions Counselor for help. Students using loans to pay for tuition and all housing fees must still pay the non-refundable first payment (20% of semester rent).

Can I switch housing from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023?

No, the housing office will not be coordinating housing switches from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023. Our year-long residents will only be asked to move housing in case of unforeseen changes to our available reservations with our partners.

Can I apply for a housing exemption during the academic year?

Unfortunately, mid-year exemption requests cannot be considered.