In Memoriam Francis Andrew Dolan

The American University of Paris mourns the death of former trustee Francis Dolan.

AUP parent and longtime trustee Francis Andrew Dolan passed away on March 3, 2018 in Ville d’Avray. He was 93 years old.

A veteran of WWII and partner at Peat Marwick (now KPMG), he was a dedicated member of the AUP Board of Trustees from 1975 to 1992, and highly involved in the American community in France. He was President of The American Club from 1991-1997, a board member of the former American Cultural Club, and was on the Conference Board of Paris.

He is survived by his wife and sons, Peter, Kevin, and Michael-John, and their wives, children and grandchildren. Memorial services were held on March 8, 2018 at the church of Saint-Nicolas-Saint-Marc of Ville d’Avray.