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Learning Laboratory: Prof. Maria Medved on how women are impacted by COVID-19

This episode of the Learning Laboratory video series, the second in a series of three by Professor Maria Medved, continues to examine the relationship between Covid-19 and gender. In this video, Professor Medved explains that while men are more likely to die of Covid-19, research shows that women carry a higher disease burden than men. She continues by explaining what the term disease burden means, and why women are more impacted by Covid-19 in this way.

About Professor Maria Medved

Maria I. Medved is a professor of psychology at The American University of Paris and an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Manitoba, Canada. A health psychologist with experience in clinical and neuropsychology, she was chair of Psychological Services at West Park Healthcare Centre in Toronto. Her interests include how narratives of risk and resilience are told by individuals with various health (neurological, physical, psychological) conditions, along with their families, in different cultures.