Kate-yue Zhang

Associate Professor

  • Department: International Business Administration
  • Graduate Program(s): 
    International Management
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    by appointment

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Dr. Kate Yue Zhang joined the Department of International Business Administration in September 2016. Prior to AUP, she was Associate Professor of International Business and Department Chair of Business Management at Surrey International Institute, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, in China. She also serves as the Independent Director for a state-owned company and consultant for small companies in China.

She has published books, academic papers, and book chapters in the field of business and management. Her research interests are International Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviors.



  • Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, University of Surrey, Guildford, the U.K.
  • PhD, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China
  • MsC, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia



  • Zhang, K. Y. (2013). Supermarket Revolution: The Rise of Supermarkets and The Transformation of China’s Agri-Food Supply Chain, 1st Ed. China Social Science Press: Beijing.
Publications in Refereed Journals
  • Zhang, K. Y., and Rienties, B. (2017). Unpacking differences in organizational and self-initiated expatriates, Journal of Global Mobility, Vol.5, Issue 1.
  • Zhang, K. Y. (2012). How do strategies of multinational companies affect the smallholder farmers in China? Trends and implications. Macroeconomic Policy, Vol.9. (In Chinese)
  • Zhang, K. Y. (2012). Business policies in agri-food safety: public standards vs. private standards. Academic Forum, Vol. 7. (In Chinese) Zhang, K. Y. (2011). A comparison of retailing policies between Chinese and American companies in the rise of supermarket. Macroeconomic Policy, vol. 10. (In Chinese)
  • Zhang, K. Y. (2010). Business policies of Chinese agricultural companies in globalization: Issues and Challenges. Journal of Dalian University of Technology (Social Science), Vol. 2. (In Chinese)
  • Zhang, K. Y. (2009). A two-edged sword – Industrial policies in the Chinese context. Academic Forum, Vol.6. (In Chinese)
Book Chapters
  • Zhang, K.Y., Rienties, B. (2016). Cultural and academic adjustment of international students in China: A social network perspective, In Jindal-Snape, D. & Rienties, B. (Eds.), Multi-dimensional transitions of international students to higher education: Routledge: London.
Research Grants Obtained
  • Acculturation of International Students in China: A Social Network Perspective for Ministry of Education, Social Science Foundation, People’s Republic of China. 2015 – 2018.
  • New Business Models and Strategies of Cooperatives in Liaoning Province for Liaoning Province Social Science Foundation, 2011-2013.


Conferences & Lectures

  • Zhang, K.Y., Rienties, B., & Mittlemeier, J. The cross-cultural adjustment and psychological contract of self-initiated expatriates in China. European International Business Academy Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria, December 2-4, 2016.
  • Zhang, K.Y., Rienties, B. Unpacking differences in psychological contracts of organisational expatriates and self-initiated expatriates: a mixed method study, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA, June 26-30, 2016.



  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (the U.K.)
  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Academy of International Business (AIB)


Research Areas

* International Business Management 

* Human Resource Management 

* Cross-Cultural Management

* Organisational Behaviours.