Paschale Mccarthy

Assistant Professor

  • Department: Psychology, Health and Gender
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    Thursdays 14h00-15h00

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Professor Paschale McCarthy entered the American University of Paris in 2005. Born in Ireland, she completed a Masters at Trinity College Dublin and two Masters programs and a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Paris VII-Denis Diderot. She has previously taught classes at Framingham University (summer program, Rome), Paris V (Sorbonne) and Paris VII (Denis Diderot). Her  research uses a qualitative approach to explore the construction of identity -particularly with relation to identity formation within multicultural perspectives- and the effects of anxiety on the construction of "self".  As a practising clinical psychologist, McCarthy avails of the opportunity to pursue her research in a practical setting and treats a variety of clinical issues. She has published and presented on social anxiety and selective mutism at conferences and seminars in Europe.  She has published chapters in a number of French reviews and most recently published a book on selective mutism “Le mutisme sélectif chez les enfants bilingues: un silence éloquent” (2013).


  • MA Trinity College Dublin
  • Clinical Counseling Diploma, University College London
  • MA Clinical Psychology, Paris VII Denis Diderot
  • MA Research Psychology, Paris VII Denis Diderot
  • PhD Paris VII Denis Diderot