Responsible, Empowered Leaders

Core Capability: Responsible, Empowered Leaders

Learn to focus on solutions rather than problems. The core values of curiosity, integrity, and collaboration will enable you to act with commitment and ethical responsibility. You will demonstrate skills related to problem solving and conflict resolution, budgeting and event planning. Build these skills as you create an understanding of how you can react to conflict and while finding ways to build consensus with a diverse group of individuals. Demonstrate all of those qualities that will make you an outstanding candidate for your dream job – team work, adaptability, resilience, problem solving, integrity, accountability, conflict resolution skills and budget and event planning.

  • Participate in university life, proactively taking responsibility for decision making, project organization, coaching and mentoring others
  • Hone your emotional intelligence
  • Master your oral communication, public speaking and non-verbal communication skills
  • Learn to work with others


Capability Requirements

Take on two or more of these positions while at AUP, serving at least 15 hours for each (at least 30 hours total)

Activities Validating Office
Student Advisor Student Development Office
ARC Tutor Academic Resource Center
Student Leadership Volunteer Activity Student Leadership Office
Student Government Member Student Leadership Office
Active Club Member Student Leadership Office
Student Ambassador with Admissions Admissions Office
Other: Personal Project (pre-approved) GPS Committee

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