Students have the opportunity to enroll as part-time students at The American University of Paris.

Important- Registering as a part-time student at AUP is not sufficient to obtain a Titre de Séjour once in France- The Immigration Office of AUP is not authorized by the French Authorities to process a PART-TIME student residency request. You must also register part-time at another institution in order to reach a full-time student status. Only full-time student status will allow you to start a Titre de Séjour application in France.

Warning- If a new student who plans to enter AUP as a full-time student and applies for a student visa as full-time decides to turn part-time as soon as he arrives in France/ at AUP, SIS will not be authorized to help them to do their residency application once here.

Exception- SIS can assist the NON EU students - who decide to turn from full-time status to part-time status in their last semester at AUP/ the semester they will graduate- to do their residency renewal paperwork if needed.

If you would like to take courses as a part-time student and stay more than 90 days in France, you must contact your local French Consulate to apply for a long-term student visa VLS-TS ("visa long séjour-étudiant").

Please note: Any question related to part-time status and its requirements must be discussed beforehand with your local French Consulate, and with the Director of Summer and Part-time Programs at AUP before you finalize your decision. The SIS office does not provide assistance to part-time students.