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Type of Visa Requested for New Visiting Students

A temporary stay visa (“Long séjour temporaire- Dispense temporaire de Carte de Séjour”): because Visiting students do not plan to remain here more than 1 semester or 1 year. The temporary visa can be one-semester or one-year duration. It cannot be renewed/ extended in France.

If some Visiting students may plan to stay more than 1 year at AUP, it is better to apply for a long stay student visa (= “Etudiant- VLS- TS CESEDA- R311 3 6°”).

More information

Contact your AUP Admission Counselor when you receive your registration is effective/ you receive your acceptance pack/you plan to start the student visa application.

See the full list of Visas and learn more about each type.

Visiting AUP students must maintain legal residency in France during their time at the University. Visiting students staying one semester only need to obtain a temporary stay visa, while students staying two semesters will need to obtain residency.

One-semester students

Visiting students who are staying at AUP only one semester need to obtain a student visa, and will be issued by their local French Consulate a temporary stay visa ("Visa d'Etudiant - Long Sejour Temporaire - Dispense Temporaire de Carte de Sejour") to legally enter and live in France for one semester. When you arrive at AUP for Orientation, we’ll make a copy of your passport and a copy of your temporary stay visa. Your records will be updated and your stay in France will be legal. Please note that the temporary stay visa exempts you from doing the paperwork to apply for a residency card since it replaces a residency card. However, this type of visa cannot be extended/renewed. Therefore, if you consider extending your stay one more semester you will be required to return to your residence country before the next semester starts in order to request a new visa. This procedure cannot be done in France. 

One-Semester Students Who May Consider Staying For An Additional Semester

Visiting students who may consider staying at AUP more than one semester must immediately share their wishes with their AUP Admission Counselor before they start their student visa application. Being able to clarify their situation on time will help them to avoid wasting time and money– if they have been initially issued a short stay visa- and they must go back home to apply for a new visa in between the two semesters.

Therefore, under the condition your AUP Admission Counselor and the Registrar’s Office agree on your plans to possibly extend your stay in France, before you start the initial visa application you will instead apply for a long stay student visa.

Two-semester students

If you’re studying in France for two semesters, you’ll need to submit additional documents to the French Authorities and the University. The procedure for students staying two semesters at AUP is the same as for incoming first-year students.