Visiting AUP students must maintain legal residency in France during their time at the University. Visiting students staying one semester only need to obtain a temporary stay visa, while students staying two semesters will need to obtain residency.

One-semester students

Visiting students who are staying at AUP only one semester need to obtain a student visa, the Visa D- Long séjour- Ceseda R311-3 6°, to enter and live in France. When you arrive at AUP for orientation, we’ll make a copy of your passport, a copy of your student visa, a copy of the border entrance stamp, and take your original OFII form given to you by the French consulate with your student visa. Your records will be updated and your stay in France will be legal.

Two-semester students

If you’re studying in France for two semesters, you’ll need to submit additional documents to the French authorities and the University. The procedure for students staying two semesters at AUP is the same as for incoming first-year students.