Our Ambitions

The American University of Paris will always remain true to its original, unique, and powerful purpose: to reinvent American liberal arts education for an ever-more-international world. To that end, we have built a 21st century curriculum that pairs deep learning in the humanities and social sciences with professionally enhancing experiences in real-life settings. AUP’s comparative and cross-cultural curriculum asks students to reflect upon what it means to be human, to live in a world of interdependence, and to act ethically and lead decisively. Our newly launched research centers focus on contemporary social, political, economic, scientific and cultural issues providing students with opportunities to find real-life solutions to the most important problems of our age. Close student/faculty interaction and faculty mentoring of student projects is at the heart of each center.


AUP Ascending: Advancing the American University of Paris

Having created a Strategic Plan, AUP Ascending 2015-2020, to create such conditions for learning, AUP has launched its first capital campaign to create the campus home for the learning community we’ve described above. We need fitting spaces in which to foster active, problem-based, laboratory-style learning. We are currently poised to invest in our outstanding faculty and students, and to extend, consolidate and renovate appropriately our historic learning facilities in Paris’s 7th arrondissement.

We have a bold vision for 2020. AUP has launched a 26 million euro campaign to raise funds for:

Each campaign pillar–Campus, Centers, Community–stands for an integral part of the AUP experience:

  • Connecting faculty and students in ideal learning environments by creating a consolidated campus in the heart of Paris through the purchase of the Seine-front building adjoining our Combes Student Life Center.
  • Connecting disciplines by inaugurating six new centers for innovative mentored research that will span the curriculum, reflect our mission, and encourage new perspectives on the world’s greatest challenges
  • Connecting our worldwide AUP community to our campus community by developing deeper reserves of scholarship aid for qualified current students, and rewarding and recognizing our most talented faculty.