Faculty Excellence

Supporting Outstanding Faculty

AUP’s dedicated faculty is one of its greatest assets. Our latest survey of the last three graduating classes revealed that AUP alumni highly value faculty mentoring, stating unequivocally that their professors had a large impact on their career paths; the vast majority of graduate students reported similarly. Our goal is to recruit, reward, and retain such outstanding faculty by means of a Professors of Promise Initiative that will create endowed or multi-year funded positions. Each professor of promise will be recognized by the special title, and will be given funding for research and pedagogical innovation. These faculty awards will have transformative impact on AUP’s curriculum, contribute to the visibility of our centers, and sustain the close faculty/student interaction our graduates value so highly.

By contributing to this crucial effort, you will sustain AUP's living endowment of diversity that will enable us to provide adequate financial support to all those who deserve the opportunity to become our global explorers, as well as to support the faculty who are their teachers and guides.