Your Impact

Every gift has a direct impact on our community

With the support from alumni, parents, trustees, and foundations, we attained new levels of giving in 2015-2016, with more than 3 million euros in cash donated towards our mission-driven projects: to enrich our academic programs, to promote the diversity of our student body and to create a contemporary, student-centered campus in the 7th arrondissement. In addition, we are grateful to have received over 13 million euros in pledges and commitments to AUP’s first capital campaign, AUP Ascending, which aims to raise 26 million euros in the next few years. To give you an idea of the tremendous support we have received over the last year, take a look at the 2018 Giving Report.

Our anniversary issue of the AUP Magazine features in-depth articles on the Campus Development Plan, AUP’s new 21st-century centers for teaching and research and the faculty-led study trips that expand our students' experience beyond the classroom and into the world.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the AUP community.

A modern, renovated campus in the 7th

Since Combes opened its doors nearly two years ago, with its new and beautiful façade, students have enjoyed an AMEX twice the size of the former one, a sidewalk café, a gallery space, a customized art studio, a state-of-the art environmental science lab, and two floors of student government spaces, clubs spaces, student lounges, media centers, production labs, each embedded with the appropriate Student Development Office staff.

Since that time, we have moved our entire administration to an exquisite building at 5 boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, where we now work side by side to produce synergies that better guide the University and enable its students to grow. Everything from Admissions to the President's office is located in two buildings joined by a glass passageway.

Last year we emptied and gutted the Grenelle Building hidden in the garden behind the Lutheran Church. It re-opened its door in the summer of 2016 as a new center for teaching and mentoring with classrooms, the faculty offices for all remaining departments, beautiful spaces for mingling and mentoring, an Instagram wall for student photography and a continually changing exhibit of student art work.

We also renovated two classroom buildings on the Passage Landrieu, most notably the 102 Saint Dominique space in which six spacious, soundproof classrooms each have their own balcony and French and Math faculty offices cluster around them.

The goal of renovating and extending the existing campus has been to cluster hubs of service to our students, to facilitate all kinds of learning, including group and team work, one-on-one support, and classroom work in newly designed modular spaces and to enable student-faculty interaction that allows our teacher-scholars to do their best work and our students to grow into the leaders and explorers that they we want them to become. One of the outstanding articles in the AUP Magazine features the full story behind the campus renovation and our generous donors.

Sending students on the journey of a lifetime

Keti Archaia is an undergraduate student at AUP. Originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, she earned a 75% scholarship based on her academic achievements in high school and her financial need. This scholarship is for exceptional students who earn the title AUP Scholar. Unfortunately, the funding was not enough for her to live and study in Paris, but thanks to the generosity of alumni like Marc Groothaert, Class of 1967, who gave her an additional scholarship, she was able to continue her undergraduate studies. We are happy to report that Keti will be graduating in May 2017 with a double major in International and Comparative Politics and Management.

Elin Pettersson applied to AUP after having moved at the age of 18 from her hometown in Sweden to rural South Africa where she spent a year teaching HIV prevention for a local NGO. Generous donations from the AUP community have provided her with an academic scholarship to study in Paris as well as funding for a 3-week-long study trip to India.

My experience in India strengthened my passion for development work and my commitment to a future of field work.

During the trip, she was able to work on media and communications projects for local NGOs committed to social, cultural and economic development in urban and rural communities, further developing her passion for philanthropy and her drive to help others.