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Please take into account that each mentor-mentee pair is required to meet at least three times per semester for 30-60 minutes at a time. If you are able to mentor more than one student, please let us know.
Meeting Preferences
Mentors and mentees are required to meet a minimum of three times per semester, by default virtually (such as on Teams or Zoom). If the mentor is in the Paris area, mentors and mentees are permitted to meet in person in a public space, such as a library or cafe, if both parties agree and if health and safety regulations permit. Meetings should last 30 minutes to one hour. We also ask that you keep in close contact with your mentor so that you can organize your meetings.
Please note

During some mentoring program cycles, we may have more mentors than mentees on our roster, or mentees with very specific mentoring needs. It may happen that we do not have a student mentor for you in a particular semester. We hope you understand and thank you for your offer to help!

Global Mentoring Program alumni mentors are representing AUP in their role as a volunteer. Any behavior deemed inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the Global Mentoring Program or the University, or that violate any applicable University policy, may result in termination of the volunteer role or removal from AUP volunteer programs indefinitely. A list of University policies is available at


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