The Civic Media Lab

The Civic Media Lab is an informal hub at AUP where people of diverse backgrounds, ideas and theories will collide and crisscross in productive ways; it provides multiple disciplinary and technological pathways for designing solutions to problems; it is a platform for innovative and productive student-faculty collaborations. 

Professor Waddick Doyle, Director of The Civic Media Lab talks about his vision for the Civic Media Lab and the role it plays at AUP.

The Work of the Lab

The Civic Media Lab at AUP deals with key questions of our mediated world, cultural conflict, interaction and the democratisation of media usage. It works with students, professors, scholars and ordinary citizens to think about and use interactive media in positive ways in the classroom, in the field and across the world in order to train youth to become media users and consumers who are active in creating a more serene and just world. 

The Civic Media Lab builds curriculum, organises conferences, encourages intellectual activity and harnesses creativity in video production and social media for these ends.

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Student Faculty Projects

AUP professors and faculty collaborate on projects and host events together.


The Civic Media Lab hosts research seminar series, lectures and talks.