The Civic Media Lab


Student Media for Civic Engagement

The Civic Media Lab is an informal hub at AUP where people of diverse backgrounds, ideas and theories collide and crisscross in productive ways; it provides multiple disciplinary and technological pathways for designing solutions to problems; it is a platform for innovative and productive student-faculty collaborations.

Featured Projects

Pass the Tech

Pass the Tech aims to send 100 used and refurbished laptops to Mombasa each fall, so that the program’s students have laptops for their university studies...

Featured Projects

Jura Practicum

Meet the people who are involved in almost every aspect of cheese production and attain a more in-depth understanding of the French notion of terroir...

Featured Projects

Billionaires Watch

Do extreme wealth inequalities turn societies into plutocracies? investigates how the ultra-rich influence politics...

The Work of the Lab

The Civic Media Lab at AUP deals with key questions of our mediated world, cultural conflict, interaction and the democratization of media usage. It works with students, professors, scholars and ordinary citizens to think about and use interactive media in positive ways in the classroom, in the field and across the world in order to train youth to become media users and consumers who are active in creating a more serene and just world. 

The Civic Media Lab builds curriculum, organizes conferences, encourages intellectual activity and harnesses creativity in video production and social media for these ends.

Building Bridges

We engage at an individual level towards culturally and socially different environments and people

Migration, Exile, Identities

We recollect experiences of displacements, migrations and travels and the way they affect people

Civic Engagement in the Workplace: Working for a Better World

We explore civic initiatives taken to create a more equal workplace

Tactical Media

We explore how initiatives build their communications strategy in the digital age

Gender: Taking Action

We address the challenges that women face in our contemporary societies

Mapping Power, Studying Crisis: Keeping an Eye on the World

We map and track power in the world, at a geopolitical, financial and cultural level