Pre-Approval Paperwork


You’ve already investigated your study abroad options and consulted with the advising center (for study abroad with partner schools) or with your assigned academic advisor (for study abroad with non-partner schools). Now it's time to get started on the necessary documents.

Regardless of your study abroad site, completion of the external pre-approval form is mandatory. This form will ensure that you can transfer the credits you earn back to AUP.

  1. Fill out the external pre-approval form from the Registrar’s Office or pick it up at the advising center. Carefully read the instructions on the front.
  2. Go to the advising center (students applying to a study abroad program with a partner school) or go to your assigned academic advisor (students applying to a non-partner school). The advisor will complete the degree check section (page 2 of the form) to identify all outstanding major and minor requirements.
  3. Choose your courses according to your outstanding requirements, as listed on page 2 of the form. You should get at least twice as many courses pre-approved as you intend on taking. Don’t forget, courses fill, get cancelled, or may simply not be what you expected. Having extra courses pre-approved gives you drop/add flexibility at your study abroad institution.
  4. You must copy/paste course numbers, titles, descriptions, credits (or units), and prerequisites into a Word document. Attach this Word document to the external course pre-approval form.
  5. If you’re seeking an equivalency in your major or minor, you must seek approval with the relevant department chair. You may need to see several department chairs.
  6. Once you have the required department chair signature(s), make a copy for your records and take it with you abroad. This document will prove to be extremely useful when communicating with your advisor about your registration plans at AUP during the registration period.
  7. Return the packet to the Registrar’s Office. Both the Registrar and the Academic Dean must approve your pre-approval request before it is finalized.