Exploring Liberal Arts

New Yorker cartoonist and writer James Thurber once quipped, “The whole of Paris is a vast university of Art, Literature, and Music…Paris is a seminar, a post-graduate course in everything.” You’ll soon realize as you explore the galleries, the libraries, and the cinemas through AUP’s summer offerings that what we call the liberal arts is Paris itself. Our courses are designed to expose the interdisciplinary links, historical backgrounds, and present-day repercussions of the subjects you study, providing you with the necessary theoretical background, as well as the tools to speak and write clearly on these themes.

Look at the ways in which words and images are used to persuade; develop math projects based on everyday situations; delve into any number of topics in psychology; and analyze contemporary management in a global environment. You’ll soon see that summer at The American University of Paris is one of the best summer experiences you can find.




Interested in how psychology is put to use in criminal investigations? Investigative psychology is a sub-discipline of forensic psychology, but is more focused on police investigations than on the court system, the correctional system, or helping victims. It is concerned not only with murder (contrary to films and tv), but all forms of criminality, ranging from arson, fraud, rape to burglary. With this course you can examine investigative inferences and offender profiling (criminal action patterns), detective decision-making, interviewing and questioning, and false allegations and confessions. 

See PY 20913WK1B - Forensic Psychology


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