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November is fast approaching

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It is hard to believe but November is fast approaching and it is now my turn and my pleasure to send you an update on the project that will eventually make our lives easier, even if it is not always easy to grasp to what extent it will!

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, we're pleased to share IRIS project developments for the past month. Staying informed about IRIS is vital in grasping its transformative impact on our university.

  • The Finance and HR teams are performing tests to validate the version of their systems. At the end of this month, the project team will begin building user training materials for the system launch.
  • We are scheduling sessions with the AUP user-community from November to February to review Creatrix Campus functionality for faculty, students, and staff.
  • The IRIS project initiative is intended to enhance the typical experience of every member of the campus community. A preview of this year’s IRIS roadmap and a brief recap of last year’s IRIS progress was shared last month, this month, and made available on the IRIS webpage:

Read the 2023-24 preview (3-minute read)

Read the 2022-23 recap (4-minute read)

Your engagement is vital to the success of the IRIS project. In our last message we asked you to share your thoughts, comments and questions, and this month we have heard you.

  • To provide transparency for the community of the various, detailed IRIS components and its tight timelines, we have reinstated the IRIS webpage; located at https://www.aup.edu/iris.
  • In recognition of the individuals most impacted by the IRIS projects and their contributions to desired outcomes, each week the CIO will hold regular hours on Wednesday 4 pm for your concerns, questions, or ideas. Please call him on MS Teams.

If you prefer to submit your observations about the IRIS project anonymously, we will address them in the next monthly update.

Share your thoughts, comments and questions anonymously (2-minute submission)