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Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education

This is a virtual event.
Friday, September 25, 2020 - 15:00 to 18:30



How and why do we learn and teach fashion in times of a global health crisis, in times of social, environmental and democratic crises? The didactic and pedagogic questions, the pragmatic and philosophical questions we are asking ourselves as fashion educators have changed significantly. What questions and challenges do we share? What experience and solutions can we share and develop together?

We see a strong need for reflection and discussion, a great interest in collaboration across disciplines and institutions. The Multilogue on Fashion Education is conceived as a space of contemplation and exchange, an opportunity for fashion educators of different subjects and institutions to meet, exchange experience, to learn from each other, develop ideas together and collaborate.

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We look forward to collaborating!


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The Multilogue is organized by
  • Renate Stauss (Assistant Professor, Fashion Studies, Department of Global Communications, The American University of Paris) &
  • Franziska Schreiber (Professor, Fashion Design, Institute of Experiential Fashion & Textile Design, Berlin University of the Arts)
  • Contact: fashioneducationataup.edu


The Multilogue will take place on Zoom Meetings. Please register here

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