November 2018

Year in Review: One Year of AUP Global

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AS WE MOVE QUICKLY TOWARDS A NEW YEAR, WE ARE TAKING A MOMENT TO LOOK BACK AT SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018 WITH OUR SERIES: A YEAR IN REVIEW. For our penultimate post we’re marking the first anniversary of our alumni community platform, Aup global.

The AUP community is a rich network that reaches across the globe, but with 20,000 alumni in 145 countries it can be a challenge to stay in touch with old friends. In November 2017, we launched a new platform that would allow our alumni to seamlessly connect with one another and stay up to date with AUP news and events, wherever in the world they may find themselves.

AUP Global was created to replace our former system AUP Alumni Online (AAO), which had been introduced in December 2009. Unlike its predecessor, AUP Global is accessible both as a web platform and as a mobile application. You don’t even have to fill out an entirely new profile, because you can easily sync your AUP Global profile with your LinkedIn account. In speaking to our alumni community, we heard time and again that the most desired connections were to have direct contact with fellow alumni, to have access to career and networking opportunities, as well as to learn where other alumni are located. We have incorporated all those features into AUP Global and continue to develop it as our community’s needs become clearer.

Following its release a year ago, AUP Global now boasts almost 1000 alumni who are connected through the site and that network continues to grow! If you have asked yourself is there an alumni chapter available in my city? You can find out on AUP Global. Would you like to look back through AUP publications? Go to AUP Global. Are you wondering how many alumni live in your area? AUP Global can show you that as well. “AUP Global is a great interface to reconnect with my former classmates,” said Max Nokhrin ’08, a product manager based in Toronto. “Given how often our community moves around the world, this tool is invaluable.”

While AUP Global is specifically an alumni platform, AUP is working on expanding it to the greater community in the future. However, along with alumni updates, our feed regularly highlights student profiles, upcoming talks by AUP professors and community activities. AUP Global also provides registration for upcoming events organized by the University, through a chapter or by an individual alumna/us.

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of AUP Global, we are continuing to build on the platforms functionality and encourage you to provide feedback as we improve the system and our services. AUP Global is a space for alumni to connect and engage so, if you have not yet had to opportunity, join us on AUP Global. We look forward to connecting with you.



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