June 2018

Year in Review: Summer at AUP

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AS WE MOVE QUICKLY TOWARDS A NEW YEAR, WE ARE TAKING A MOMENT TO LOOK BACK AT SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018 WITH OUR SERIES A YEAR IN REVIEW. With the nights closing in and the weather turning colder this week’s post is a great chance to reminisce about summer in Paris and at aup. We asked Tim Rogers, Vice President of enrollment management, to ref­lect on a record-breaking year for our summer program.

It can’t be so bad, can it? A summer in Paris. This year, roughly 200 AUP students and another 100 visiting students from universities across the globe decided that it sounded like an excellent idea, joining us in the heart of the 7th arrondissement for AUP Summer School. The weather was perfect, the cafés buzzed with excitement and the beautiful sites of Paris shimmered in the glorious summer sun. In the thick of it all, students enrolled in more than 35 courses across three- and six-week sessions to earn credit for their university degree. To these students, AUP Summer School provides a unique opportunity to advance your degree in a short period of time by earning four or eight credits in just a few weeks, all the while enjoying everything Paris has to offer.

At AUP Summer School, students have the opportunity to combine intensive academic studies with the chance to enjoy the French capital at its finest; and this goes far beyond the weather. The carefully curated courses are often a unique offering unavailable during our regular semesters. These courses are specifically designed to leverage the cultural highlights of the City of Light, helping to bring classroom studies to life. Other courses allow students who missed them during the Fall or Spring semesters to experience our incredible faculty in action. For students looking for a meaningful summer experience, adding AUP Summer School to their calendar is a great way of earning credits and shortening the time it takes to graduate.

The Paris Through Its Museums course, which turns the city’s art museums into a campus, was particularly popular in 2018, running twice across two separate three-week slots. A regular offering every semester to AUP students, the Art History faculty enjoyed a surge of interest from visiting students hailing from all over the world, including Dubai, New Zealand, Switzerland and the US. What better way to combine one of the things Paris is most known for – its world-class galleries – with inspiring AUP Art History professors? Studying the Masters in print is one thing, standing in front of their masterpieces is something completely different.

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