Frederic Attal


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Professor Attal’s first teaching position at The American University of Paris was in 1996 for the French department. He has also taught French as a foreign language in educational institutions such as ACCORD, a French language school, and at ESLCA, the Parisian business school.

Since he joined the University he has taught a variety of French courses at different levels including classes on the history of Parisian cafés and the famous Parisian department stores, and how to create a French newspaper on the internet. Since 1998 Attal has been a member of the SACEM (society of lyricists and music composers) and has collaborated on a script for the cinema based on a famous French detective novel. He is convinced that various materials such as songs, films, or strip cartoons can be very effective in the language learning process. In December 2010, Attal created a French blog for the department, where students and teachers can exchange and communicate their interests about Parisian life and French culture in general. Attal is also involved in the French Writing Lab which is a weekly workshop that helps students improve their writing skills in advanced French.


  • Licence, Maîtrise, DEA Lettres Modernes, Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle