Marie-France Derhy

Marie-France Derhy

Associate Professor Emerita of Mathematics

  • Department: Computer Science, Math and Environmental Science

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Marie-France Derhy joined the AUP faculty a few years after she had completed a Ph.D thesis focusing on multivariate statistical methods. She has worked extensively on Linear Programming and its variants, and her textbook, Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis and Related Topics, has been published by Prentice Hall (Pearson, London 2010). Strongly committed to her Department and fully involved in its development, Marie- France wrote the Academic Projects for the Minors in Applied Mathematics (1998) and in Statistics (2006), and for the Joint Major in Mathematics & Computer Science (MACS) (2016), for which she received the (shared) Award for Innovation in Interdisciplinary Studies (May 2017). She has also established the courses Probability (MA 3005 - Spring 2006), Operations Research: Mathematical Programming (MA 2007 - Spring 2007) and Multivariate Statistical Analysis (MA 3066 – Spring 2014). In all the courses that she teaches, Marie-France Derhy thrives to highlight the beauty of Mathematics.


  • Licence, Maîtrise, Doctorat de Troisième Cycle, Université de Nice
  • Diploma in Statistics, University of Essex


Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis and Related Topics, Prentice Hall (Pearson, London 2010). The book covers all aspects of linear programming from the two-dimensional LPs and their extension to higher dimensional LPs, through duality and sensitivity analysis and finally to the examination of commented software outputs, It is organised into three distinct parts: the first part studies the concepts of linear programming and presents its founding theorems complete with proofs and applications; the second part presents linear programming in the diversity of its variants (Integer Programming, Game Theory, Transportation Problem, Assignment Model), and highlights the modelling problems that are involved in network optimisation; the final part furthers the discussion on selected topics and presents an opening to nonlinear programming through quadratic programming.

Conferences & Lectures

Professor Derhy attends conferences at the Institut Poincaré.


  • Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles
  • Société Française de Statistique

Research Areas

  • Very strongly interested in Linear Programming and in its related topics, and in Multivariate Statistics.
  • Currently working on the links existing between optimization and multivariate analyses.

Awards, Fellowships and Grants

Shared Award for Innovation in Interdisciplinary Studies (May 2017)